Innovating in the traditional business areas and investing in competitive products and services


Sirculo Investments was initially an industrial group with almost 50 years’ experience in processing Animal By-products and Real Estate development.
The company operates in the real estate, farming and real estate management sectors and is always on the lookout for investment opportunities in other areas, namely through strategic partnerships, in order to expand its operations.
It is a diversified holding which operates mainly in the primary and secondary sectors through a number of reference companies in the farming, marketing, asset management and real estate investment industries.
Sirculo Investments is focussed on long term investment in high potential projects, using to technology and innovation so as to maximize business and benefit from the most sophisticated infrastructures available to the primary and secondary sectors.


Sirculo Investments’ mission is the sustainable creation of value in agricultural, industrial and commercial activities, fostering strategic alliances that will enhance complementarity and integration of operations with a high degree of social and environmental responsibility.


Based on transparent management in full cooperation with its partners.


Striking the right balance between environmental and economic sustainability.


The incentive for Sirculo Investments to remain vigilant and strive to do more and better.


Diversified operations in terms of industry sectors and geographical areas.


Sirculo Vision

Multi-sectoral organization that values projects that create value.

Sirculo Investments gives priority to, advocates and promotes sound and lasting relationships with all the companies and partnerships in which it involves itself, looking to sustained growth and wealth creation for the group and its partners.


Strategic Positioning
Knowledge-based, professionalism and rigorous procedures in all its business areas. Importance of strategic alliances, maximizing opportunities, urban renewal.
Aims to further expanding its companies, namely through reinforcing their institutional relationships.
Sirculo Investments’ expansion, whether national or International, is underpinned by the quality and superiority of its products, as well as by the capacity of generating group synergies at operational level.